Featured Wineries Logo  Butte County Continued...   During the Gold Rush, the quick access to the Long Creek Winerylarge towns of the central valley, the lust for gold and wildness of the area also attracted some of the most notorious bandits of the time; Black Bart, Joaquin Murietta and Three Finger Jack to name just a few. The crimes committed by two of these bandits, Three Finger Jack and Joaquin Murietta spurred the creation of the first law enforcement group with authority throughout California, the California Rangers, which later became the California State Police.

The other major city in the area, Oroville, is home to Lake Oroville , created by the largest landfill dam in the United States .  The beautiful plateau on the northern end of town and on the western edge of the lake is called Table Mountain and was created by a cap of fairly weather resistant lava that covered the area.  This spot has become famous for its incredible spring wildflower display that creates a carpet of yellow and blue across beautiful green meadows during late March and April.  There are several areas that offer parking and hiking opportunities in the area in the spring to allow you to better appreciate the spectacular colors and distant views of the valley below.

Grey Fox WineryThere are currently five wineries that call ButteCounty home; three of which offer regular tasting room hours and two that offer tasting by appointment only.  The wineries located in the foothills surrounding Chico and Oroville are dependent on that great cooling breeze off the mountains in the evenings that allows the grapes to cool and allows them a little longer hang time then they might have in this very warm growing region.  In fact, these areas can be as much as ten to fifteen degrees cooler than the valley region to the west.  It is an area of extensive recreational opportunities for the whole family and makes it a great region for a family vacation that includes a time for some fun wine tourism as well.
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