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Downtown Nevada CityNevada County Continued ...The mines are long gone but the founding fathers of Nevada City were smart enough to preserve the entire downtown area as a historic landmark in 1985. The beautiful old Victorian homes and tree lined streets are still there and the old downtown buildings have been restored to shops, restaurants and yes, wine tasting rooms. This is where the first winery to open in Nevada County after Prohibition is located; Nevada City Winery opened in 1980 by local resident Allan Haley. Nevada City is an enchanting place to spend a day or two shopping, tasting and just enjoying the history of the area.

Pilot Peak Tasting Not to be outdone, Grass Valley has been successful in restoring their historic downtown region and shares many of the same old world charms that Nevada City has. It’s easy to get lost there in the beautiful shops and restaurants, but don’t miss the three tasting rooms found there. Each of these tasting rooms is decorated with the history and style of the area in mind, with a focus on their delightful wines.

There are also several tasting rooms located in the surrounding foothill region that should not be missed, each with its own style and varietal specialties. All of the wineries of the region are boutique sized and family owned which adds to their attractiveness. They are found at a variety of elevations ranging from about 1700 to 3000 feet. It is an area that offers a lot of versatility for all ages and interests. In addition to the lovely tasting rooms think about making use of this multi functional area for hiking, river rafting, biking, etc, to round out your trip for all members of the family. Back to page 1