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Awakenings Chapter 2: Realizations

Eric’s office window looked out over the San Francisco Bay Bridge and Yerba Buena Island where he could see the fog beginning to burn off.  Between his office and the bridge stood rows of huge cranes, bearing a resemblance to giant metallic four-legged creatures, an image that was once used to design walking military fortresses for a popular science fiction movie.  He glanced at his watch and pivoted in his chair back to face the computer monitor and keyboard at his desk. 

Oakland Docks He mouse clicked on the ‘favorites’ button of his already open web browser and selected the link “ Beta International”.  After entering a user name and a series of passwords, he closely studied an online statement in his Swiss bank account.  Smiling to himself, he thought about how 9/11 had it made it so hard for some public servants to supplement their meager wages.  Well, he had found a way!  Some may call it bribery, but he thought of it as just compensation for staying in a dead end job for so many years.

In the rail yard below Eric’s office, smaller cranes loaded refrigerated cargo containers onto rail cars.  An inspector checked manifests as each container was loaded, one by one, onto rail cars bound for Fresno.  The inspector was unaware of two men watching from an upper story window in a nearby red brick office building, the bulges of concealed firearms barely visible beneath their tailored suit jackets.

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