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Awakenings Chapter 5: Focusings, Page 11

Ed and Pauline coasted back to their cars in the late summer twilight.  As Ed got off of his bike, he looked over at Pauline once again, noting that she didn’t look like she had even broken a sweat.  He, on the other hand, felt like he had just run a marathon.     His t-shirt was once again soaked in sweat, his legs and butt ached, and his neck felt very stiff.  “I would offer to take you to dinner, but I need to get cleaned up and need to get back to the winery for a little inventory control that I skipped this afternoon so that we could go on this bike ride.”

“This was a great ride.  I particularly loved the swimming hole.  You are lucky to have been able to live in such a wonderful region.  I too have to get cleaned up for a dinner meeting tonight with some of the Fairchild Group regional managers.”

“Tomorrow night Tosca is playing at the Music Pavilion down by the university. Would you like me to get tickets?”

“Who is the group Tosca?  What kind of music do they play?”

Ed laughed at Pauline.  “Tosca is an opera that portrays a tragedy.  It was written by Puccini in the early part of the last century.”

Pauline looked at Ed with a hurt expression.  “I am really not all that fond of classical music and have never really experienced opera.  That music mostly just puts me to sleep.  Now give me some good country or southern rock, and party on.”

Ed realized that he may have just sounded a bit condescending to Pauline.  “I do have get up early on Saturday.  I am going down to the Jack London Square Wine Festival.  Would you like to go?”  He got a little bolder. “I have a room reserved at the Fairmont Hotel nearby there for Saturday night.”

Pauline gave Ed a little smile.  “You are so cute, and I am definitely attracted to you, maybe even a little more, but this is going a bit fast.  I would have to be blind to miss your attraction to me, and must admit I have been playing a bit of a tease all day, but I need to know this is more than just a physical attraction.    I find it flattering that you are sexually attracted to me, but I need to know that you are falling for me and just not my looks.  I would love to go to the Wine Festival with you but maybe we should have separate rooms.  I don’t think that it would be a good idea for us to reach that level of intimacy yet.      Perhaps I could make my own reservation?”

It was Ed’s turn to feel a little put down.  Yes he had been very attracted to Pauline’s body, but thought he was falling in love with her whole being.  “You are right, we probably should slow down.  I do need to go get a shower and make up on the work I missed this afternoon.” Ed kissed Pauline lightly on the lips as they parted for the rest of the day.


Eric, Juan, and Robert all rode in Eric’s Honda to a high-rise Office in Emeryville.  Juan looked over at Eric.  “How was Alex’s reaction when you handed him the envelope?”

“Not as open minded as I was when I first joined your group.  He threatened to kill me!”

A thin smile crossed Robert’s lips.  “He has already changed his tune.  We really offer such a win-win situation for people like you and Alex.”

Juan glanced over at Robert. “Why are we meeting with upper management?”

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