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Awakenings Chapter 5: Focusings, Page 12

Robert’s smile turned into a frown.  “We have given Shindo’s people so much.  Without our help, they would not be getting millions, no, billions of dollars of goods into the United States.  We raised our fees and they got pissed.  They are refusing to pay us.”

“And so?”

“We have made some significant threats to Shindo.  I think that we are about to issue an ultimatum.  I think that management is going to direct us to take action.”

After Eric parked the Honda, they walked into the lobby and pushed the elevator button for the 11th floor.  Getting off the elevator they walked down a non-descript door with the words West Trading Company on the door, with a door jam framed by frosted glass.  Walking into the lobby, Robert stepped up to a reception desk. “Hi, we have an appointment with Michael.”  The receptionist looked up, “I will tell Michael’s secretary that you are here.”  Picking up the phone she then pushed a button on her keyboard. “I have Robert and two other gentlemen here to see Michael.”

She hung up the phone and looked directly at Robert. “You are all three to go into the reception area.” She pointed down a hallway behind her desk. “Two doors down and to the right.”

Robert growled at her, “Yes, yes, I know the drill”, and walked with Eric and Juan down to the room.  Entering the room, they sat down in the soft chairs.  Pretty soon a uniformed security officer came in. “Please place you cell phones, any electronics, and any weapons into this safe.”  All three complied.  “Now stand by this wall with you legs slightly apart.”  The security guard then slowly passed a special electronic wand over them.  Frowning at Juan, “please take off your watch, that is electronic, isn’t it.”

Sheepishly, Juan said, “Sorry, I forgot about what happened last time.”

“That is ok sir, you three gentlemen are clear.”  The security guard then led them down the hall to a door to an office and knocked.  Yet another security guard opened the door. “Three gentlemen to see Mr. Grainger.  They have been swept for electronic devices.”  Eric breathed a silent sigh of relief.  They had not picked up the special listening devices implanted in his body.

They were led into an office with fine leather and teak wood furniture.  A bar on one side had elephant leg bar stools.  The bar itself was made of fine Italian marble.  Trophies of African lions, Siberian tigers, cape buffalo, even a rhinoceros, and more lined the walls.  But the coup de grace was the large terrarium in front of the floor to ceiling window.  Two 6-foot alligators lay half in and half out of a small pond in the terrarium.  The window beyond revealed a stunning view of the Bay and of Treasure Island.  Eric thought to himself that this office was at least three times bigger than his entire apartment.

Mr. Grainger was a red haired heavyset man wearing an Armani Suit with Gucci shoes.  He sat behind a huge desk topped with inlaid rose wood and gold leaf accents.  Nearby sat his secretary at a rosewood desk with matching gold accents.  His secretary was a black haired lithe woman dressed in a low cut and backless blue dress with a gold chain belt that showed off her dark tan.  The muscles on her arms revealed that she might be more than just a secretary.  Not that Mr. Grainger needed a personal bodyguard, given that a uniformed guard equipped with an Uzi stood at attention in an alcove just off of the office.

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