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Awakenings Chapter 5: Focusings, Page 6

Joe then had an idea.  He was pretty sure that the Zinfandel Rosarium Clairvoyance made it possible for him to dream of events happening now and that the Zinfandel Rosarium Divinatio made it possible for him to sense the threads of possible future events.  What would happen if he combined both?  Joe left the winery office and walked over to his house.  Walking into his den, he reached into his wine refrigerator and pulled out the two open bottles of each wine.  He then poured about two tablespoons of each into a glass.  Taking a deep breath, he then swirled this new blend around and downed it in a couple of swallows.



Ed was glad to be at the swimming hole on Butte Creek Road.  He really had a feeling that Pauline was not riding very hard while he was pushing his heart very near its limit. Sure enough, they had the swimming hole all to themselves.  The graffiti covered bridge stood just a ways downstream where he stood on the beach having just pulled on his swimming trunks with modesty assistance from his beach towel.  The clear pool was fed by a small waterfall on one end with a fine sandy beach where he now stood.  He looked forward to washing the sweat off of his body with the cool water and then catching rays of the last afternoon sun before they descended back to the starting point of their ride.  He turned in time to see Pauline step out from behind some brush at the end of the beach.

“How is the water? I really do love going on swims after a warm bike ride.”

Ed stammered for a moment trying not to stare to intently at Pauline’s fabulously fit body now dressed only in a tiny yellow string bikini with considerably less material than in one of his handkerchiefs.  “It feels great on my toes, I was just about to jump in.”

However, before Ed could begin striding into the water, Pauline sprang three steps out into the water and entered into a graceful shallow dive, disappearing beneath the surface of the water with only a moderate splash.  As Ed worked his way into the water across the sandy bottom, she surfaced on the far side of the pool and stood up waste deep in the water, flipping her hair backwards and up out her face. “This is fabulous!  The water temperature is perfect!”

Ed finally launched himself into a rather awkward belly flop followed by a butterfly stroke out into the pond, the coolness of the water feeling delicious against his skin.  Stopping out in the deeper portion, he stopped to tread water. “I do love going for a swim after working up a sweat.” Ed then swam slowly backwards until he found a shallow enough bottom that he could stand on.

Pauline lunged forward into the water and a modified breaststroke, only keeping her head out of the water, grinning widely, and focusing on Ed.  Reaching Ed, and with her being slightly shorter than Ed, he reached out to grab her shoulders and she simultaneously wrapped her legs around his waist.  Ed planted a long slow kiss on her lips.

“Ed, you know that life is a journey of experiences and this is a wonderful journey.”

Ed stared deeply into Pauline’s eyes. “Yes this is a wonderful journey, and I never dreamed that I would travel it with someone as beautiful and smart as you are.”

Now it was Pauline’s turn to initiate a long slow kiss.

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