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Awakenings Chapter 5: Focusings, Page 7

After swimming slowly back to the sandy beach, they spread their beach towels out over the warm sand in order to catch some late afternoon sun.  Pauline reached into her pack and pulled out the small bottle of sun block.  “I do tan pretty well, but it is getting late in the year and I prefer to save my tanning for when I will need it most, plus, I have not had time to tan in the last, oh, several years.  Could you please rub some of this sunblock on me?”

Ed smiled. “Of course I will.” As Pauline lay on her stomach, Ed began to rub sunblock into her back and then onto her taught legs.

“Could you put some on my shoulders when I finish with you?  I may have a little darker complexion than you, but I have burned a few more times this summer than I should have.”

Pauline rolled over on her towel to lie on her back, smiling wickedly, with her thin wet bikini clingly tightly to her body. “Only after you put sunblock on my other side.”


At 4:30 PM, Eric heard a knock at his office door.  “Come in”.
Alex Burgois opened the door and stepped into Eric’s office.  “Good evening Mr. Chatfield, what have you got?”

“One of the inspectors brought this information to me today.” Eric lied as he handed the envelope to Alex.  This was the envelope of compromising information given to Eric by Juan with the intention of blackmailing Alex to assist Robert and Juan.

Alex opened the envelope while Eric watched.  Pulling out a note to read, he soon flushed red and reached for a chair.  Not looking up he spoke with a low voice, “So what do you want from me?”

“You are to go to the location listed on the next note where your terms will be negotiated.”


“You do value your children don’t you?”

Alex looked directly at Eric with a flash of anger in his eyes. “I could kill you in one second right where you stand!”

Eric’s involuntary muscle twitch started again.  Was this agent aware that he was on the side of the FBI now?       “These people would kill your children before the next dawn.  Don’t mess with them.  But they do offer you       a way out of your predicament.  And they can reward you handsomely if you help them.”

Without saying another word, Alex studied the notes.  He pulled out an envelope that, after pulling open the flap, appeared to contain at least twenty 100-dollar bills.  Suddenly he glanced up at Eric, made a huffing noise and stormed out of Eric’s office.

Eric pulled out his new cell phone, given to him by Juan, and dialed a number. “I think that I heard one my mouse traps snap shut.”

As Alex walked down the hall outside of Eric’s office, his right hand discretely pushed and held a single button on his cell phone for about 2 seconds.

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